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How Does IT Work?


There are only two simple steps to follow:

1. After purchasing your card of choice through our smart "Instant Charge/Refill" system, just click on "Access Numbers" from the above menu, select the name of the card your purchased, then hit "Show Access Numbers."

2. Dial the access number you picked and you are good to go! Be sure that your phone number is UNBLOCKED before dialing, otherwise our system will not recognize you and will ask you for a PIN.

We suggest that you save the access number that you picked to your contacts under " Call Cares " or whichever name you like, that way you won't have to look for it next time you refill your account.


1. I have purchased one of your cards and was emailed the receipt but no PIN yet. Where do I find my PIN? Do I have to wait and if so how long?

We do not send PINs because you do not need any after purchasing one of our cards. All our cards are pinless. Just pick an access number from our website and dial it. The system will announce you how much you have on that card and will prompt you to dial your destination number.

2. I have purchased one of your cards and dialed the access number but it's still asking me to enter a PIN. I thought all your cards were pinless?

Yes, you are right! All our cards are pinless. The reason why the our system is asking you for a PIN could be caused by two things: either your phone number is set to private/blocked and our system cannot recognize it, or you are dialing one of the access numbers of the other card (wrong access number).

3. None of the access numbers listed matches my area code, does it matter which one I use?

Not at all! You are free to use any of our access numbers regardless of your State of residence or area code.

4. I'm so worried about my credit card security and personal information, is your system safe enough?

Absolutely! We take your online security very seriously and therefore use the web's most secured online payment system. All your credit/debit card transactions are handled by PayPal (the world's leading online payment processing system).

5. Will Call Cares know or store my card information?

Not at all! All your credit/debit card purchases to us will be handled 100% by PayPal. Call Cares does not know neither does it store your credit/debit card information anywhere in its database.

6. If Call Cares doesn't know my credit/debit card information, how would they charge me and why would they give me their minutes on my phone? Are they crazy?

Yes we are crazy about our customers' satisfaction and therefore use the most up-to-date- advanced engineering techniques to process your order once you place it using paypal (this will simultaneously charge your card and process your order right away, all in a fraction of seconds).
Disclaimer: Depending on the destination dialed, finalized minutes allocated maybe slightly lower than estimated minutes announced (taxes and fees may apply)
CallCares does not use its resellers' or customers' information for commercial purposes.